Witness Hering Berlin’s audacious foray into the realm of conceptual lighting, where artistry and functionality ignite a sensory experience. Dedicated to excellence, Hering Berlin furnishes spaces with exclusive collectibles and limited editions that seamlessly blend practicality with the emotional essence of light.

Each piece within the lighting collection, initiated in 1993, represents an incessant pursuit of perfection. The careful curation of materials and meticulous craftspeopleship give birth to a symphony of radiance, where every detail ensures a fusion of design and illumination.

Pico Chandelier

The resplendent Pico Chandelier follows an experimental approach to light and material, making porcelain cylinders as thin as possible while maintaining a consistent density. This allows light to flow smoothly through the translucent material.⁠

Ray Dance

However, the captivating Ray Dance, a grand chandelier that effortlessly draws attention with its commanding presence, has unarguably stolen the spotlight. It takes three glass makers at once to produce the large glass elements that adorn a continuous ring of punched-out metal, making every chandelier a masterpiece of craftspeopleship.


Hering Berlin strives for an evolution of its artistry with one-of-a-kind lighting creations crafted to embody the essence of personalization. Each piece depicts the mastery of material and form and represents refined taste and uniqueness, illuminating the spaces they grace.

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