AMP | Glass Collection by Stefanie Hering

Water has always been a precious commodity. With her new glass collection, Stefanie Hering gives this preciousness a vessel:

The AMP series includes carafe and glass. Their curved shapes are reminiscent of antique amphorae. Hence the name AMP. The design is so to the point that the series fits harmoniously into any laid table, but also into any desk situation in the office, and at the same time attracts attention.

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Stefanie Hering’s design takes today’s demands into account. Both tap water, mineral water from the bottle or taken from tap systems are given due focus by the vessels of the AMP series. Casual in its handling, the glass fits onto the carafe.

The trace of the hand. As is always the case with the designer’s developments, AMP is also a concept that was designed with the manufacturing process in mind, purely by hand.

Stefanie Hering’s choice fell on a glassworks in Poland that can realise her designs hand-blown. This selected workshop is not only a master of its craft, but also understands the traditional technique of producing glass with an inner, coloured layer and a surrounding, clear layer.

AMP - the collection

The design concept of AMP provides for two different versions: Once in clear glass, once in a radiant amber shade. These two colour variants make the AMP collection the perfect complement to the Hering Berlin tableware collections:

AMP Clear

The neutral clear glass variant goes particularly well with purist series such as Velvet or Pulse, with collections with strong coloured glazes
such as Silent Iron, Obsidian, Emerald or even with the floral décor of PalmHouse X.

AMP Amber

The amber version harmonises particularly well with all collections with gold tones: Silent Brass, Illusion, Orbit or Alif.

Both glass variants can also be used together, for example to distinguish still and sparkling water.

Form and function

Stefanie Hering began the design process with many drawings before the first 3-D models were made for the construction of the necessary tools. In addition to purely aesthetic aspects, functional aspects also played a decisive role in the design: the designer was not only concerned with the immediate handling of the carafe and glasses when filling, pouring and cleaning - the AMP objects can be easily washed by hand, but are also dishwasher-safe.

Stefanie Hering also designed the shapes in such a way that when carafes and glasses stand close together, they only touch at the bellies, never at the drinking rim. This special design protects the AMP objects not only in the cupboard but even in the dishwasher.

Sustainable design

Its robustness combined with the delicacy of the material makes the AMP collection interesting for private households and offices as well as for international star cuisine.

In all these areas, what Stefanie Hering describes as the impetus for the development of the AMP collection, is gaining in importance: “More and more people prefer to use tap water at home, at work or in restaurants instead of mineral water that is bottled and transported with a lot of energy, and are setting an example for sustainability.”

AMP thus fits seamlessly into the philosophy of Hering Berlin: To produce her Porcelain Dinnerware and Glass Collections, Stefanie Hering works exclusively with small manufactories in Germany and neighbouring countries that are masters in their field. And she only relies on shapes and décors that are so timeless that people will use them every day for years to come - and will be just as happy to fall back on them as the refreshing water that comes out of the tap.

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