A sensual delight – down to the smallest detail

Nowhere else are the demands on a thoroughly thought-out interior design, with all elements perfectly coordinated, taken to such as extreme as in outfitting yachts. Boat building costs around a million euros per running meter, so the craftsmanship of all trades involved is challenged to the utmost. Days on the high seas become an unforgettable pleasure for all the senses in such a setting, perfectly completed by an appropriate selection of handcrafted, individually tailored porcelain and tableware. That’s why Hering Berlin has long been an established name in this segment and a sought-after collaboration partner for renowned yacht outfitters. Contact us at [email protected] – we would be happy to talk to you about implementing your personal wishes.

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Sophisticated pleasures in Genoa

At the Salone Nautico, the largest trade fair for luxury yachts in the entire Mediterranean, Hering Berlin presented itself alongside the premium kitchen appliances manufacturer, Gaggenau. The porcelain collections from Hering Berlin provided the setting for the delicacies served during the show cooking sessions and at a dinner by Michelin-starred chef Luigi Taglienti. They showed once again the impressive accents that can be created on a table with hand-crafted and finely decorated plates, bowls, and presentation platters both at sea and on land.

Maritime craftsmanship in Monte Carlo

Hering Berlin has long been an established name at the Monaco yacht show. Together with the silver manufactory Robbe & Berking or the Theresienthal glassworks, or in collaboration with the yacht outfitting specialists Glancy Fawcett, Hering Berlin has demonstrated time and again how perfect design combined with superb craftsmanship can become a visual focus even on the high seas. Whether with tableware specially made for the yacht, sophisticated glassware, or striking but stylistically harmonious lamps to suit a wide range of interiors, objects designed by Head Designer Stefanie Hering are the perfect addition to complete atmospheric yacht furnishings.

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Mindful luxury on the Indian Ocean

Hering Berlin is also a continuous presence on non-European oceans: at the Taiwan Boat Show, Hering Berlin is a collaboration partner of the E-Style Group, which also outfits yachts, and the yacht specialist Horizon, which operates on three continents. Its handcrafted porcelain and glass elements, the shapes and decorations of which are precisely tailored to the requirements on board a luxury yacht, are also on display there. They were for the most part developed by Stefanie Hering to harmonise perfectly with the respective style and colour concept, in close collaboration with the boat interior design team.

Yacht stories Yacht stories

In the colours of the sea

Several porcelain dining collections from Hering Berlin are perfectly suited for use on board: Ocean is not only blue and white, but also depicts the beauty of the marine fauna in its hand-painted decoration. The Blue Silent and Soda collections have a more puristic appearance, but their handapplied glazes and decorations are also based on classic marine colours. All three collections can be combined as desired and can also be expanded and visually modified at the request of the yacht owner.

An experience for all the senses

The close-up experience of the elements and the distance from the mainland offer impressions that appeal to all the senses. Life on a yacht is also associated with experiencing a variety of textures and the finest craftsmanship: smooth planed, gently rough wooden planks, glossy plastic surfaces, soft cushions, easy-to-grip rattan weave... Hering Berlin porcelain pieces also satisfy this hunger for sensory experiences: their typical alternation between finely polished, velvety bisque surfaces and the reflective smoothness of glazed porcelain also makes every piece of tableware a tactile experience that is the perfect addition to complete a custom yacht interior, thanks to the high quality, which can only be achieved by hand.

The beauty of nature at the table

The deep blue of the sea, the many shades of the sky, the dazzling white of the clouds, and the velvety beige of distant beaches – on a yacht, it is the primal forces of nature that provide the interior with a fascinating, everchanging backdrop. Everything at Hering Berlin is made entirely by hand, which makes it possible to integrate this colour palette into the yacht interior in a sophisticated, subtle manner, creating decor specially designed for the yacht owner in accordance with their personal wishes.

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