Objects from Hering Berlin, whether made of porcelain or crystal glass, are all handcrafted, without exception. Thanks to this individual production process, it is possible to tailor the shapes and colours to customers’ personal wishes or even to develop completely new ones. This opens up an immense range of possibilities, both in collaboration with top international chefs and in the design of interiors and yachts.

Diversity and individuality

As the Hering Berlin head designer, Stefanie Hering is brimming with ideas for new glass and porcelain shapes, for experimental decorations that put the material’s stability to the test, and for glazes that create with unprecedented effects on surfaces. Many of her most striking objects were created in collaboration with great creative minds from other disciplines, whose approaches and requirements further inspired Stefanie Hering: internationally renowned Michelin-starred chefs, interior designers, and yacht outfitting specialists. Such projects let the brand Hering Berlin exhibit its full potential. Even unusual design wishes can be implemented, according to individual preferences. Each object is made by hand according to Stefanie Hering’s specifications and can also be produced as mini-series or one-off item on request.