Perfect hostess gifts from Hering Berlin

Small gifts preserve friendship. The more personal an invitation is, the more memorable an evening promises to be, the more individual and select may be what is presented to the host at the door.

A gift that makes a lasting impression on any occasion is a handpicked porcelain object from the Hering Berlin manufactory. Here, every single piece is made by hand by master craftsmen, according to centuries-old traditions and at the same time, thanks to the expertise and creative drive of designer Stefanie Hering, timelessly modern in its appeal.

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Sets & Gifts

Initial ideas can be found in the Sets & Gifts section of the manufactory’s online shop: A wide variety of gifts are compiled here - from minimalist porcelain mugs with a discreet dot of real gold leaf to tea sets with large-scale gold or silver overlays, from useful plates and small bowls to large trays primed in a vibrantly coloured, lively mineral glaze on which fruit, cheese or seafood can be arranged like a still life. A fine selection of sculptural-looking vases in glass and porcelain is also available here.


Those who want to present a culinary gift will find what they are looking for in the sets - for example, a salt or cheese set or an assortment for the oyster lover.


In addition, the individual collections contain a variety of objects that can also be given as solitaires: Small and large gyro plates for chocolates and pastries, in simple, undecorated bisque porcelain that can be combined in many ways, or in a décor - for example from the “Ocean” collection - that matches the preferences and interests of the host. Coffee, espresso and amuse bouche bowls from the “Soda” series in a distinctive, Scandinavian-style blue and white décor.



There are mugs and pourers with motifs borrowed from the fauna of the forest or the pattern treasure of the Orient, multi-purpose dishes in the delicate floral pattern of “Palmhouse X”, or those plates from the “Cielo” collection that look like usable art objects, with a multitude of holes punched in the still unfired porcelain.

No matter which style the host or hostess particularly loves - among the collections designed according to the mix & match principle, there will be an adequate favourite piece.




Do you want the gift to be even more personal? Here, too, there are (almost) no limits to your wishes: Since every single object is handmade by Hering Berlin, it can also be individualised. A monogram can be painted on a white mug or integrated into another decoration. A special text, numbers or a symbol can be inscribed on a porcelain piece. An entire series of plates, vessels or vases can be decorated with the host’s favourite fish or forest animal, for example, or precisely matched to his or her interior.

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But regardless of whether a plain white cup or a hand-gilded teapot is presented: the host or hostess will always hold a unique piece in his or her hands that promises luxury for all the senses every day - and revives the memory of an unforgettable evening.

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