“Feeding Creativity” - NYC Luncheon at La Résidence

Making new partners and friends calls for a celebration: together with chef Yann Nury, Stefanie Hering invited guests for a special themed luncheon “Feeding Creativity” in New York to announce Hering Berlin’s expansion to the USA.

Yann Nury and Stefanie Hering

Yann Nury and Stefanie Hering are united in their deep love for hospitality which is reflected in the art of table setting and the commitment to their guests. Both are dedicated to using the finest ingredients and materials, and preparing them with the utmost care. Apart from their considered approach, both are undoubtedly gracious hosts.

The gathering took place in the exclusive dining space La Résidence, an inviting SoHo loft conceptualized by French interior architect Charles Zana. 22 guests from the press and the fields of interior and design could experience Nury’s culinary finesse and Stefanie’s craft in a private environment. 

Nury, who recently inaugurated La Résidence as a private space to experience his culinary craft, served his stunning creations on Hering Berlin tableware, composed of pieces from the series Velvet, Pulse and Alif, making the culinary feast an equally visual event. 

Chef Yann Nurys’ dish of Sourdough Ice Cream, Olive Oil, Sorrento Lemon and Caviar finds its perfect match with the combination of Lobmeyr’s candy dish on our Pulse plate, as both the dish and the tableware are representations of elevated classics.


Photographer: David Chow

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