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Delicate blue rings and lines trace the shape of the vessel and characterise the "Soda" collection by Stefanie Hering. Designed in 2005, "Soda" is one of the most complex designs in terms of the manufacturing process that designer Stefanie Hering has developed to date.

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The challenge lies in the absolute fineness of the decoration, which is applied to plates, cups and bowls. The intense cobalt blue is made according to a historical recipe and is based on the onion pattern shade. The thickness of the lines when applying the material was chosen in such a way that when the cobalt evaporates during firing, only a wafer-thin line remains with a faint glow typical for cobalt.

This requires true mastery of the craft and the entire expertise of the artisans at Hering Berlin: each individual object needs around 80 work steps that must be carried out to absolute perfection - this begins with the porcelain “base”, which must be absolutely flawless, and ends with the application of the decoration and the firing.

The reward is a graphic, reduced and yet highly individual décor that invites fresh cuisine, such as fish and vegetables.

However, there are no limits to the imagination and also to the personal joy of combination: a discreet and yet so refined classic like “Soda” can be combined well with the white Porcelain Dinnerware. But also with all blue décors - from the figurative “Ocean” to the two-dimensional “Blue Silent”. Because all these Hering Berlin Dinnerware Collections are based on the same, unique cobalt tone that harmoniously combines a mix of patterns.

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Photographed by Volker Conradus

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