Introduction to the World of Handcrafted Wine Glasses

In the following, we turn our attention to the new wine glasses of the Domain collection: Based on designs from 2009, Stefanie Hering has created a series of handcrafted stemware, developed in collaboration with the renowned glass manufacturer Kvetna in the Czech Republic. 

The result is a selection of handcrafted, delicate stemware with a distinctive feature: a graceful waistline that unfolds as a concentric indentation in the upward-tapering bowl shapes.

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Universal Glass

The perfect foundation for any wine glass collection: Ideal for full-bodied white wines, rosés and fruity red wines. This all-rounder glass is also excellent for Champagne.

Ø95 H238 566ml
Ø3.7” H9.3” 19.1oz

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Red Wine Glass

This glass is indispensable for lovers of powerful and tannic red wines, as it showcases the wine particularly well. With a large surface area, the red wine glass is optimal for wines that benefit from contact with oxygen. It’s fascinating to experience the gradual unfolding of the wine in the glass.

Ø106 H248 778ml
Ø4.1” H9.7” 26.3oz

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White Wine Glass

An ideal choice for young white wines and rosés. Accented acidity and a mineral character find a strong partner in our white wine glass, while delicate sweet wines unfold their full potential. 

Ø79 H230 390ml
Ø3.1” H9.0” 13.1oz

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Champagne Glass

Our champagne glass embodies elegance and functionality for sophisticated sparkling wines. The shape of the bowl highlights the finest bubbles and allows the full unfolding of the individual taste. 

Ø90 H227 375ml
Ø3.5” H8.9” 12.6oz

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Port Wine Glass

Perfect for dessert wines and Vin doux naturel. A well-balanced glass for Port wine, Sherry, Vermouth, or Madeira – optimal balance for delightful flavor development. 

Ø73 H195 270ml
Ø2.8” H7.6” 9.1oz

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Champagne Flute

For fresh sparkling wines and sparkling tea. The long, slender bowl of our champagne flute preserves the perlage. The refined shape, widening towards the stem, unfolds unique taste experiences.

Ø73 H260 352ml
Ø2.8” H10.2” 11.9oz

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So, what justifies the success of thin handcrafted glasses?

In fine dining, handcrafted glasses have become indispensable. Even the high production costs resulting from elaborate manufacturing processes do not deter. However, a legitimate question arises, especially when considering that machine-made high-tech glass can not only be more cost-effective but also more robust.

The explanations for this are multifaceted, and with this topic, there seems to be a certain sympathetic magic involved. It has been observed that a different surface structure is formed when glass is machine-shaped in metal compared to mouth-blowing it into a wooden mold. This difference was directly attributed to the wooden mold as enhancing the flavor. A popular claim connected to thin crystal glass is that it brings the liquid more direct to the palate improving the drinking experience. 

Taste is a subjective matter, but one fact remains undisputed: Handcrafted, delicate wine glasses consistently outperform their machine-made counterparts in blind tastings. For us, it is logical that the standards we set for our favorite wines regarding origin, manufacturing process and the people behind it also extend to the choice of our glasses. 

As the environment and both the longevity and practicality of our products are dear to us, we opt for lead-free glass with titanium dioxide. The additional hardness in the glass surface ensures that the glasses are more resistant to clouding caused by everyday use.

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