A human touch: This is the most central and, in addition to designer Stefanie Hering’s concise styling, also the most important distinguishing feature of porcelain by Hering Berlin. Every single piece contains knowledge that has been passed down through generations, and a love of detail that is only possible with a purely handcrafted manufacturing process. A love that you see – and feel – in all Hering Berlin porcelains.

The human touch

Since 1710, porcelain has been produced in German manufactories – using the exact same procedures and techniques today as were used then. Stefanie Hering has been so fascinated by this handcraft art for thirty years that she trained as a ceramist with a master craftsman certificate, developed entirely new forms and decors on this basis and finally founded her own porcelain manufactory that influences the current style and design. Every single craftsman with whom Stefanie Hering works is a master of the trade, personally chosen by her and introduced to her special approach. Supported by this handpicked team, Stefanie Hering succeeds time and again in exploring the limits of the material and developing patterns and glazes that are innovative, standing in the more than 300-year-old tradition of the manufactories, and that carry the most unique of all quality marks on every piece: the human touch.