The luxury of handmade objects – a great choice for sustainability

In the interior design sector, deliberately choosing handmade objects indicates an awareness of ‘mindful luxury’ – an attitude that combines delight in the unique and the special with an open sense of sustainability. After all, something that was specially made for a room will last for years. This is demonstrated by a whole series of projects that Hering Berlin has carried out worldwide under the auspices of head designer Stefanie Hering, especially with individually designed lamps made from glass and porcelain. Contact us at [email protected]; we would be happy to discuss your questions and ideas.

Inspiration Inspiration


Embassies, private residences, and stylish pied-à-terre – when it comes to exquisite dining culture and the interior decor of unique rooms, renowned interior designers and architects all over the world put their trust in Hering Berlin. The objects from Stefanie Hering's various collections, made entirely by hand and featuring sections in precious gold, are a testament to the master craftsmanship of their creators. The matte sheen of the refined objects, which can be combined in many different ways, adorns the sophisticated interiors of hotels, private yachts, and gourmet restaurants. Soft splendour meets subtle shapes, effortlessly transforming the interplay of precious metals on porcelain into an innovative design statement. We would be happy to develop additional, customised modern interpretations with gold and platinum for interior customers, including with refined symbols, logos, or lettering on request.

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Natural Colour Glazes

A hand-poured glaze, black and iridescent, that stands out against the surrounding matte-white bisque porcelain, like in the Obsidian Collection. Or the velvety feel of bisque porcelain paired with the metallic smoothness of the intentionally uneven Silent Brass glaze. This sophisticated glaze settles itself differently on each object, creating new effects and colour facets every time. Like all her decorations, Stefanie Hering's innovative glazes are the result of months of experimentation: this opens up a whole new dimension of colour for handcrafted porcelain, which can also be developed as a custom-made product to harmonise perfectly with the respective style and colour concept.


Reflections and points of gold: the way to the heights of culinary pleasure is not just through the palate. Whether in a restaurant or at home, in a new holiday residence or on a recently named superyacht, good cuisine needs a visual setting in keeping with the luxury of the ambience. No other contemporary service collections meet this requirement as perfectly as the extravagant yet simple Orbit design in combination with Polite Gold and liquescent, velvety bisque porcelain. All shapes and decorations developed by Stefanie Hering are also closely tailored to the wishes and needs of bespoke clients. Put us to the test.

Hunting Lodge

Piqueur is Stefanie Hering's take on a great traditional decoration: the hunting services that princes had made for their hunting lodges. The decoration features animals and plant details from the forest, field, and mountains, drawn in subtle shades of grey with a slightly humorous touch. Brown hares hop over cake and bread plates, hedgehogs scamper along the edges of breakfast plates. On the mug, a wood grouse spreads his tail feathers. This porcelain collection, which can be combined with other services in a variety of ways, demonstrates not only the superb quality of Hering Berlin products, but also another advantage that only handmade items can offer: there are several different versions of the decorations for most shapes, making it easy to put together an individual service with the desired decorations. In addition, the service can even be partially customised on request: the plates and vessels can be given new decorative motifs based on personal preferences, as long as they can be adapted to the respective shapes.

* example of bespoke decor for hunting lodges based on logos/symbols. Write us [email protected]


In addition to the culinary aspect, the ambience is an important part of a good wine bar. Is there a well thought-out interior design concept? Is it equipped with finely selected porcelain and glasses that reflect the refined tastes of the wine connoisseurs there for more than just a quick drink? The sommelier glasses by Stefanie Hering meet the highest standards, both from a decorative point of view and in terms of how well they bring out the best of wines. In addition, the glasses are also easy to drink from in terms of haptics, because their ribbed stems feel better to hold than smooth, thin ones. We recommend arranging the hand-blown glasses, which have been tested by international sommeliers, in combination with stylish handcrafted porcelain pieces, such as small plateaus and bowls for snacks and olives – as individual and unique as your favourite bar.

Mindful Luxury

Hering Berlin is one of the few authentic porcelain manufactories in the world. For designer Stefanie Hering, "manu factum" means superb craftsmanship in all stages of production. The result is the finest porcelain objects that have found their way into the luxury catering and hotel industries, and, above all, onto the tables into the homes of design enthusiasts all over the world. Stefanie Hering is leading the way in a form of mindful design, an appreciation of cultural and manufacturing techniques that are used uncompromisingly at Hering Berlin Porcelain. This, among other achievements, led to her winning the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany. What makes her porcelain truly special and inimitable is firstly the flawless shapes, which result from playing, experimenting, and trying things out, as well as from absolute knowledge of porcelain as a material. Secondly, it is the fact the collections can be freely combined to create ever-new aesthetic possibilities for a wide range of settings. We would be happy to advise you!

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The deep blue of the sea, the many shades of the sky, the dazzling white of the clouds, and the velvety beige of distant beaches – on a yacht, it is the primal forces of nature that provide the interior with a fascinating, ever-changing backdrop. Everything at Hering Berlin is made entirely by hand, which makes it possible to integrate this colour palette into the yacht interior in a sophisticated, subtle manner, creating decor specially designed for the yacht owner in accordance with their personal wishes.

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E Style E Style

Individually designed glass lamps as versatile accessories

Hering Berlin has carried out numerous interior projects in the Far East with its partner in Taiwan, E Style. Above all, they showcase the diverse range of possible uses of the Glori-A and Raydance lighting systems developed by Stefanie Hering in collaboration with the crystal glass manufacturer Theresienthal. Both consist of hand-blown shapes made of clear glass and distinctive smoked glass – each one a unique piece that can be freely combined.

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Steng licht Steng licht

The warm glow of porcelain

The glass lighting series Glori-A, which consist exclusively of pendant lamps, and the lighting collections WOASH and TJAO, which consist of ceiling, pendant, and table lamps, were created in collaboration with the Swabian family business Steng Licht, a pioneer in low-voltage technology since the 1970s. Both series explore the possibilities offered only by handcrafted bisque porcelain: the material is so thin that light can pass through it, so when illuminated from inside it takes on a warm, yellow tone and spreads this pleasant light through the room. The alternation between thicker and thinner porcelain layers creates subtle patterns that make the lampshade seem almost alive.

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Handmade visual foci in interiors by Giorgetti

In close collaboration with Giorgetti’s legendary Milanese furniture workshops, an interior was created with special accents in the form of both hand-blown lamps and handcrafted porcelain from Hering Berlin. A multi-piece Raydance chandelier with elements in clear and smoked glass forms a subtle visual focus above the dining table, in perfect harmony with the furniture and decor objects. The dazzling white dining porcelain pieces from Hering Berlin turn a sophisticated sideboard in dark wood and bronzed mirrors into a real visual experience even when open. GIORGETTI GIORGETTI

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