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Choosing a truly appropriate gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is one of the biggest challenges. The oversupply of quickly forgotten, run-of-the-mill gifts is too immense. In contrast, small gifts from a manufactory like Hering Berlin symbolise lasting value and a sense of style. Because as different as all the porcelain presents from the pen of Stefanie Hering may be - what they all have in common is that they are unique. Each piece is individually crafted by master artisans, inscribed with the trace of the hand that makes it unique. This visible and tangible, but unagitated luxury will bring joy to mothers and fathers alike for years to come - every day anew.

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Mother’s Day

Sunday, 09 May 2021

Mothers deserve an absolutely unique gift - a one-of-a-kind. At Hering Berlin, all objects are created on site in Germany, purely by hand and in such a timeless design that you will love to use them again and again. In addition, the collections designed by chief designer and founder Stefanie Hering offer many a piece that, in addition to its aesthetic and utility value, also refers with a slight wink to the classics of the Mother’s Day gift tradition:

Roundabout plates and platters to present chocolates. Various platters and foot bowls to beautifully set the scene for the obligatory Mother’s Day cake. Noble cups in velvety biscuit porcelain to toast with a cool sip of champagne. Or objects from the “Palm House X” tableware collection, which has won several design awards, with its discreet floral pattern based on the structures of tropical plants.

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If you want to give flowers as a gift, you will find a whole range of refined vases, often shaped in bold statics. And the best thing is: for every porcelain object given as a gift, a wonderful counterpart can be found for the following year, as Stefanie Hering develops her rich collections according to the mix & match principle and everything fits together. In this way, the biggest annual challenge in the field of gift-giving is elegantly solved for everyone involved, even in the long term.

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Father’s Day

Thursday, 13 May 2021

Fathers are delighted to receive an individual, thoughtful, striking and yet also delicate gift, such as an object from the Hering Berlin porcelain manufactory.

Thanks to the timeless shapes and simple décors created by head designer Stefanie Hering, these pieces have a distinctly minimalist feel. The large, no-frills round plates, for example, can be used as a decorative object in the living room as well as for the fruit stash on the conference table. They look just as elegant in pure white as they do with one of the mineral colour glazes developed by the Hering Berlin team in elaborate tests: in deep black, radiant blue, iridescent bottle green or delicate brass gold, each of which contrasts in a sophisticated way with the matt white rim of the plates.

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Coffee mugs or tea bowls complete with Stefanie Hering’s iconically elegant pot remind us on long working days, with every touch of Hering Berlin’s typical hand-cut bisque porcelain, that there are people beyond the office door who think lovingly of the recipient. A set of salt or spice bowls arranged on a walnut tray will delight any amateur chef. And if you are looking for something particularly representative, you will find a wide selection of striking objects in the bowls and vessels of the Polite Gold Collection with real gold plating.

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