Handmade Porcelain Carafe

The porcelain Carafes from Hering Berlin are almost a great addition to the highlights of any dinner. A handmade Carafe designed by Stefanie Hering attracts attention in a sophistated manner. The graceful object is sculptured, but never distracts from the complete table setting that your company enjoys. The Porcelain Carafe is ideal for offering refreshing water, wine, milk or juice. As such it's multi purpose, sleek and desirable. As you might have come to expect form Hering Berlin!

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Designer Carafes

By Stefanie Hering

These designer carafes by Stefanie Hering are part of three existing collections: Pulse, Granat and Velvet. In the stylised Pulse collection, the characteristic lines are continued in the Carafe, where the special muzzle almost provocatively stands out. The Carafe in the Granat collection draws attention to the remarkable cobalt drawing, which was also used in the other objects in this collection. For the Velvet collection, Stefanie Hering selected pure, pristine white.

Stylish by design, made by hand, with the best porcelain material and centuries of craftmanship, all for you to enjoy for a lifetime!

Sophisticated Design

Porcelain master and designer Stefanie Hering is the undisputed leader in the field of Porcelain Dinnerware Design. As always also these Porcelain Carafes were designed and crafted with the highest attention to detail. Pure white of richly decorated, these carafes are a joy to watch. Amazing touch due to the unique porcelain manufactury. Every time you grab this Carafe, you experience mastery and design. There is nothing else to wish for with regards to Porcelain Carafe.

Handmade Porcelain Carafe

Handmade in a small manufactury, with centery old craftsmenship. That's part of what makes these Porcelain Carafes unique. From raw materials, to creation and heating. Each element has been refined over the ages, to reach the perfect manufacture we can now offer at Hering Berlin. No others in the world have reached the level of sophistication you will find at Hering Berlin. Which enables you to lay your hands on unique designer porcelain dinnerware. The unique feel and visual appeal will last for ever. Experience it for your self! Order now in our webshop or contact us for a complete collection!

Innovative Design

The development of Stefanie Hering's collections over the years has shown that she’s always crossing borders, making a trademark contribution to innovations in the world of porcelain tableware. Using special porcelain recipes, glaze methods, or firing processes, she always searches for the limits of what is feasible in her field of expertise. Stefanie Hering picks up modern porcelain designs, develops new approaches, and manages to combine them with the traditional manufactory production of porcelain. The Porcelain Carafe has this pedigree, will you make it part of your collection?

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Mix & Match

With all designs of Hering Berlin, items from different collections combine perfectly with each other. Different collections all go to gether to make up porcelain tablesetting to your personal preference. The three carafes will fit all the other collections. Do you define your own style and collection or do you want to benefit from our personal shopping assistance. Advice from the Hering Berlin Headquarters? Or just order as you go in our webshop? It's all good. We look forward to your delight when you get your hands on our unique Porcelain Dinnerware manufacture.

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