Perfection in biscuit porcelain: Mugs from Hering Berlin

Whether opulence of design or finesse of detail: Hering Berlin mugs are among the best in the world of handcrafted biscuit porcelain. For small drinks, from simple espresso or coffee and milk to sophisticated cold juice and fruit combinations, the beautifully shaped mugs from Stefanie Hering will match your collection perfectly.


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The haptic experience fuels your imagination

The biscuit porcelain cups from Hering Berlin can be found in almost all collections: tightly stylised in the Pulse collection with the haptic experience of soft lines, richly decorated in Piqueur and Ocean, imaginative in the Orbit collection. Of course, the combination with objects from other collections is also possible, because Stefanie Hering’s forms are perfectly coordinated.

Mug with classic elegance

Stefanie Hering always designs handmade porcelain. This is why she also selects outstanding craftsmen for these cups. She works with the best in the field as they understand the core and style of her designs and can transform them into classic elegance in high-quality biscuit porcelain. For many years, Hering Berlin's designs have been part of design collections and exhibitions all over the world.

An eye for detail

Porcelain master Stefanie Hering is the undisputed leader in the combination of classical elegance and versatile refinement. Her many years of experience and her eye for detail give every porcelain design its own artistic touch. Hering Berlin's collections are available in pure white as well as richly decorated, but always perfect in style and craftsmanship.

Traditional connection

With special porcelain recipes, glaze methods or firing processes, Stefanie Hering is always looking for the limits of what is feasible in her field. The development of her collections over the years has shown that she continues to exceed these limits and thus makes a characteristic contribution to innovations in the world of manufactory porcelain. Stefanie Hering develops modern porcelain design, perfects these new approaches and yet combines them with the traditional production of manufactory porcelain.

Her handling of decoration off the mugs as well as in the other elements of her collections has already earned her many international design awards, including the highest honour of her country of origin, the "Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany".

Mix & Match

Hering Berlin has perfected the idea of "Mix & Match" for the porcelain manufactories. Many of the collections designed by Stefanie Hering are not only offered as standalone tableware but can also be easily combined. The mugs therefore go well with items of all other collections. Discover how to create beautiful combinations according to your own taste and style in the online shop.

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