Online TrunkShow: Glazes * by Stefanie Hering

Hering Berlin presents selected individual pieces and sets from the Obsidian, Blue Silent and Silent Brass collections at exclusive preferential prices

Set buyers will be able to enjoy a limited design highlight developed especially for Stefanie Hering's TrunkShow: When purchasing one of the four "bundles", you will receive two cups with an inside! coloured glaze as a gift - freely selectable in the glaze colours obsidian, blue silent and silent brass.

13 July, 0.01 a.m. - 23 July 2020, 11.59 p.m. | |

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The common ground of all three collections offered in the TrunkShow? The central feature of their design is a glaze based on earth and minerals, which is poured on the plates or inside vessels, while the rim remains in the pure, unglazed and velvety biscuit porcelain that is typical of Hering Berlin porcelain.

“Glazes are actually more of a subject for the ceramic craft,” says Stefanie Hering, discussing the special challenges of the development process. “Porcelain normally does not allow such glazes because they would not withstand the high firing temperatures.”

But Hering was so fascinated by the idea of combining the dazzling brightness of biscuit porcelain with deep, earthy glazes that she and her team began to experiment. “I also experiment a lot with clay, with earths, which we process in such a way that they are highly refractory. They form a symbiosis with glazes.”

The designer transferred these findings to her innovative porcelain glazes. They are not dusted in powder form onto the surfaces to be glazed before firing, as is usually the case in the industry, or prepared in a bath in which the entire porcelain pieces are immersed.

Instead, Stefanie Hering has developed a new glaze process: In order to maintain the contrast between the coloured glaze and the biscuit surface - the supporting design idea behind “Obsidian”, “Blue Silent” and “Silent Brass” - the glaze is poured out by hand individually on each surface to be glazed. The progression it takes on this surface, the intensity with which it clings to the curves of a bowl, plate or deep dish, is a little different for each piece, making each individual object unique, as can only be achieved by hand.

However, not only the development of the highly refractory and thus extremely robust and abrasion-resistant glazes, but also the selection of the porcelain moulds particularly suitable for this technique are processes that are only possible when absolute masters of their trade work and experiment in very small quantities. Such a design process with a comparable degree of innovation would be unthinkable in industrial production.

This is another reason why Stefanie Hering started the #letssupportcraftsmanship initiative to draw attention to the importance of handicraft manufacturing.

In the TrunkShow “Glazes“ all these glaze collections come together: the first colour glaze presented by Hering Berlin was “Blue Silent”: iron and cobalt components create a blue effect of unique depth. Depending on the incidence of light, “Silent Brass” shines like sparkling wine or liquid gold

- It is not without reason that the top Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck, who works in the USA, called this colour “champagne glaze”. “Obsidian”, finally, draws its multi-layered, intense blackness from particles of the primary rock basalt, among other things - and when it was launched at the beginning of 2020, it had such a forward-looking effect on the producers of Apple TV’s renowned Science Channel that they immediately ordered five objects for a show on the subject of “How we will dine in 10,000 years”.

But the things served on Stefanie Herings three colourful glaze collections don’t have to be futuristic. “When it comes to food on the glazes, I especially like contrasts,” explains the designer, who works closely with many star chefs.

“Oranges look beautiful on the black of Obsidian. Cherries, strawberries or currants on the deep blue of Blue Silent.” A fish carpaccio is particularly refined on the blue glaze. The contrast not only makes it look fresh, but also gives it a maritime feel. “Silent Brass, on the other hand,” says Stefanie Hering, “has something earthy, soothing, noble. That is why I recommend oysters, bread or pasta, for example. The glaze gives the food depth - and creates an incredible value for me. The glazed surfaces almost seem like precious stones.”

Since all three collections are based on the same foundation, their interaction is also extremely harmonious. “It’s fun to combine them again and again, depending on your passion and state of mind,” says Stefanie Hering happily. “This play of colours is fascinating every day anew. It never gets boring.”

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