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Hering Berlin's Design Porcelain Dinnerware and Crystal Glassware tentalize the senses. A feast for the eyes, a pleasure to touch. Feel the quality materials, handcrafted into unique dinnerware through century old craftsmanship. Plates whose design are so well conceived that they look like individually crafted works of art. Glasses for wine, sparkling wine or water that can pass for works of sculpture and yet are highly functional. What seems so timelessly modern is part of a three-hundred-year-old tradition of Design Tableware culture and craftsmanship. You'll have to experience it in real life to fully concieve the esthetics and functional value of our products, materializing our intentions to bring you the best Porcelain and Crystal there is. Eanbling you to bring unique dinner experiences. We take the challenge to bring you the best every day, inspire you on our website and channels to make you want to enjoy our products where they perform best... in real life.

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A History of Design Porcelain Dinnerware

Since Johann Friedrich Böttger succeeded in discovering the secret of the correct composition of porcelain in 1710. Handmade dining sets with infinite care have been the crowning glory of a laid table. To this day, the secrets and tricks of the trade in the production and painting of precious porcelain are passed on by the master craftsmen in our factories. Stefanie Hering, was so fascinated by this work process handed down over centuries that she trained as an experienced master ceramist before she began to develop a new concept for high end design tableware.


Design Dinnerware, modern form - in the tradition of porcelain factories

In Stefanie Hering's Porcelain Collections, too, attention to detail and craftsmanship are at the beginning and centre of the design process. The result, however, combines this tradition with simple, timeless designs and an extremely modern, innovative approach to tableware. Every single one of her collections can stand alone at the table but can also be combined with elements from other parts of Stefanie Hering's collections to create a highly individual set according to the "Mix & Match" principle.

Combining Tradition with modern esthetics and functionality. The unlimited presentations that can be done by combining collections making each experience unique. And if that is not enough, there is the Bespoke Porcelain Dinnerware service, where collections can be branded to support your business or Project. True design, true craftsmenship, traditional quality. It's what defines Hering Berlin Design dinnerware.


The whole spectrum of artistic design porcelain

The design porcelain collections of Hering Berlin explore the whole range of possibilities of shaping and designing handcrafted porcelain. Stefanie Hering first developed many decors and the techniques required for them in lengthy, experimental processes. The range stretches from the simple, white "Velvet" collection, which captivates with the soft feel of its hand-ground surfaces of unglazed biscuit porcelain, to the ring pattern of "Pulse" created by a hand-applied shellac layer, to the deep colouring of "Blue Silent" or "Silent Iron" achieved by earth glazes, or the poetic drawings of forest and sea ("Piqueur", "Ocean"). Stefanie Herings' "Cielo" collection, with its fine, hand-drilled hole pattern that translates the tradition of cut basket decors into an extremely modern language, is also a highlight of porcelain art. "Polite" captivates with its striking silver or gold-plated surfaces. Into more organic forms? The "Evolution" might be to your liking. So many great collections.

You can choose to select your complete tablesetting from one collection. And there many more to explore in our Porcelain Dinnerware Online Shop. Enjoy browsing through all the possibilities and numerous collections of Porcelain Dinnerware and Crystal Glassware. Stefanie has also made several limited edition series to explore and the worlds most renowned chefs have handpicked collections to inspire you. If you want our expert advise to collect your perfect setting or you simply want a fast route to ordering your combination, do contact us. We are here to help you find the set that will mesmerize you for ever.

Design Porcelain from Hering Berlin = handcrafted

The Hering Berlin collections are manufactured purely by hand according to the manufacturing principle using traditional techniques. Stefanie Hering selects all the artisans in her creative team carefully. Like herself, they must have immense experience in working with porcelain as a material. The designer's works not only explore the limits of what is feasible, but often go beyond them with newly developed production and glaze processes.


Design Porcelain Collections and Glasses from Hering Berlin

Rich in tradition and modern at the same time

Porcelain and glasses from Hering Berlin complement each other perfectly not only in their style, but also in the attitude vested in them: a love for craftsmenship, of arts and crafts, of authenticity and individuality. The trace by hand makes every object by Stefanie Hering unique. A table set this rich represents the highest form of tableware - it thus stands in the great tradition of porcelain manufacturers, and at the same time is uncompromisingly fresh, innovative and modern.

Glasses for wine, water, champagne, and whiskey

Stefanie Hering's enthusiasm for pure factory work and the care taken in the manufacturing processes also characterise the Crystal glass collection she has developed: the wine glasses and water glasses from the "Domain" collection and the whiskey tumblers, water glasses and Carafes from the "Source & Groove" collections. All glasses were made in the crystal glass factory Theresienthal, where they are produced with the knowledge of the glassblowers passed on over centuries as well.


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Inspiring, empowering, collaborating with top chefs

The timeless and simple, yet elegant style of the dining set and glass collections from Hering Berlin not only enriches everyday culinary life in the private sphere - top chefs from all over the world also rely on these sometimes modest, sometimes spectacular designs. Despite their delicate appearance, which can only be achieved by hand, most sets are surprisingly robust and even dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Among others, Hélène Darroze have discovered in her The Connaught in London, Gaetano Trovato in his celebrated Arnolfo Restaurant in the heart of Tuscany or Cesar Ramirez at his Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare Hering have discovered Berlin porcelains as the perfect setting for their gourmet creations. In collaboration with the German star chef Harald Rüssel, she even created her own collection, "Piqueur". Caviar House & Prunier works with a selection of the "Ocean" set, which can also be purchased in the associated shops, restaurants and seafood bars.

Design Dinnerware sets from Hering Berlin transform food into art

Design Porcelain by Stefanie Hering complement the cooking art of Robert Cortez, star of the US-American creative kitchen, almost congenially. He serves caramelized chanterelles on Silent Iron's grey-blue stock, drapes braised endive with cheese cream on dazzlingly white, delicately rough plates from the Velvet Collection, or char roe in currant sauce on the gentle nudeton of illusion pierced by irregular white dots. Once again, Stefanie Hering's insight, which inspired many of her designs, is confirmed here: "Great cuisine is not only a culinary pleasure, but also always an aesthetic pleasure".

More about our cooperations with Top Chefs, you can find right here.

Mix & Match

Combining Collections

Are you inspired by our chefs stories? Have you found the collections you like? You won't have to limit your creativity and preference by choosing all within the same collection.

Our Porcelain Collections work flawlessly together, to create your own personal presentation. Mix and Match from the different collections, and if you need some assistance, we are here to help you! We are here to help you create unique dinner experience. It is our passion to give you the best possible. Contact us, for any question!

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