Ray Dance shines in new light at CØR Studios Paris

On the occasion of Paris Design Week 2023, CØR Studio, based in the Marais, is currently displaying Hering Berlin’s Ray Dance chandelier within the exhibition "Metamorphosis". 

CØR Studio

is a new gallery in Paris’ Marais designed by VAUST Studio with an exquisite selection of interior design. With a strong sense of aesthetics driven by the harmony between craftsmanship and sustainability, it combines design, architecture, photography, art, and digital creations. In doing so, CØR Studio sees itself as a platform for contemporary creative collaborations between different disciplines.

New technology, same brilliance

Conceived by Stefanie Hering in 2012, the “Ray Dance” chandelier has been outfitted with new, energy-efficient LED lighting technology since 2023, saving more than 10 times the energy than its predecessor. Through a specially developed crystal fixture, it emanates the same brilliance as its previous halogen counterpart, casting forth the eponymous dance of light rays within a space. The chandelier harmoniously blends durable materials with future-proof technology, simultaneously placing energy efficiency and maximum longevity at the heart of our vision for lighting

Shining a New Light on Tradition

The chandelier “Ray Dance” fills the space with a radiant dance, reminiscent of sunlight playing on water. Positioned around a substantial steel ring, either three or five nodes cradle six large glass forms each, resulting in a dynamic arrangement. 

The glass pieces, including olives, spheres, and lanterns, exude an impressive opulence, providing captivating glimpses and reflections providing captivating glimpses and reflections in Clear, Smoky Gray, and Citrine. 


Smoky Gray, 


Custom Collector’s Items

Upon request, the “Ray Dance” chandeliers are now also available as personalized individual pieces with certificates, offered in various unique combinations of glass colors and cuts. 

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