EVOLUTION [30 Years of Design by Stefanie Hering]

The creation of a new tradition in the field of tension between craftsmanship and design

For three decades Stefanie Hering has dedicated herself to the innovative design of handmade objects for a contemporary, international table and interior culture. At the core of her work is the use of porcelain and glass, materials that are as traditional as they are sophisticated, but also of cast iron and textiles. In the course of her creative development, Hering's design spectrum expanded, moving from the table to the interior, from the vessel to the light object, from design to artistic positioning.

The exhibition "EVOLUTION [30 Years of Design by Stefanie Hering]" in Taiwan shows her multifaceted work from the beginning to the present and traces her career as a craftswoman, designer, entrepreneur and artist.⁠



March 10th


March 13th to April 30th 2023

Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm


K.H. Living Gallery
No. 11, Zhongmei St, West District
Taichung City, Taiwan 403