Enjoy the tranquility of the dancing flames, be at peace with your self, candles are such a simple, delicate, yet powerful source of pleasure in many ways. Whether you are unwinding by yourself in the coziness of your own home. Or having a friend or loved one over for dinner. Candles have stood trough time, as a mesmerizing expression of passion, warmth, tranquility and wonder.

Of course at Hering Berlin we supply you with the best possible Artisan Porcelain candle holders for you in worship of these special candlelight moments. Design Porcelain that fits the moments in a convergence of playful light & color, attention & relaxation, tranquility & insight, passion & pleasure.

Candlelight dinner

Fuel the love, fuel togetherness; candles illuminate your dinner like nothing else. The candlelit dinner must be one of the most well-known ways of making the experience more special and memorable. Design the experience with our best handmade porcelain. Make it count, make it special, make new memories. For every candlelight dinner, Hering Berlin has the porcelain candle holder, to compliment the dinnerware set and crystal glass

Passionate nights

And why would you stop at the candlelight dinner? Candlelight is not only meant for the dining room table. The bathroom turns into a spa, the bedroom into a temple. Tranquil, yet sensual, mesmerizing, unforgettable.

Fuel your passion, build your own experience to what it can be. Memorable, yes unforgettable.

Hering Berlin Mix and Match

Candle holders, Beakers, Vases, they are all a welcome edition the the design Porcelain dinnerware collections of Hering Berlin. All porcelain is made by hand, true Porcelain Master Craftsmen for which Germany has built quite a reputation. Different items fit together from different collections. Do you want to have our advice on the most impressive collection, that mixes and matches designs, forms and uses? Please contact us for our personal shopping service right from our Berlin head quarters or if you're ready to order have a look at our online shop