Online TrunkShow: *Festive Table, 10. to 17. November 2020

Once the leaves have fallen, the time of the festive tables begins - on St. Martin's Day, First Advent, Saint Lucia's Day and on Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The coming festive season offers many opportunities for get-togethers with friends or family - from a beautifully staged brunch to an informal five-o-clock tea to a festive dinner. And precisely because this year many dinner parties will probably be somewhat smaller than usual, it is important to spoil yourself with the design of the dining table and express to the guests how precious these moments of gathering have become.

Against this background, Hering Berlin is launching a TrunkShow from 10th to 17th November with sets and objects at premiere prices from Stefanie Hering's most popular dining collections, which will set special accents on every table. They will be available exclusively online at during the aforementioned period and can be viewed in the showroom P98 in Berlin in various table productions.

As a special gift for their festive table, customers will receive - only in the TrunkShow period from 10th to 17th November - porcelain objects in the design of Stefanie Hering plus selected chocolate delicacies from cooperation partner PARS Pralines, namely:

– With the purchase of each dinner set (large set): 2x large spinning top plates from Hering Berlin and 3x pralines 16 pieces of PARS pralines
– When buying each centrepieces set (small set): 2x small spinning top plates from Hering Berlin and 1x pralines 16 pieces of PARS pralines

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"Very few people buy pure festive tableware", porcelain expert Stefanie Hering knows. Rather, many want to enjoy a moment of beauty and conscious, lasting luxury in everyday life, which is embodied by handmade porcelain. The TrunkShow now vividly demonstrates how fine, simple everyday porcelain can be discovered and used in a completely new way for the festive table.

"The idea behind the show", says Stefanie Hering, "is to enhance your own porcelain with individual pieces or small sets in such a way that completely new, surprising festive settings are created".

Hering recommends two strategies for impressive table design: On the one hand, making the table more dense and also structuring the centre of the table with candles, flowers and individual porcelain pieces. "One may well be opulent at the table, with the food, but also with crockery and decoration," Hering finds. On the other hand, she advises "to create an architecture at the table. That means playing with different heights of plates, vessels and objects. It is also important to create higher vessels and plateaus that visually present food and also decorative elements in a completely different way".

Stefanie Hering shows examples worthy of imitation in the TrunkShow *Festive Table: For example, the impression that can already be achieved with the classic Hering Berlin white porcelains such as "Velvet", "Pulse" or "Cielo" - by means of a table staging with candles and rose branches with rose hips or holly draped on likewise white plateaus and oyster bars: The matt white of the biscuit porcelain forms an extremely festive but still very subtle contrast to the green and red of the floral decoration in the classic Christmas colours, which is rounded off by Christmas tree baubles and the soft smoked glass of the Hering Berlin glass collection Domain.

Small gift sets, which combine the finest porcelain directly with extraordinary culinary delights, can also be purchased during the TrunkShow. For this purpose Stefanie Hering entered into a cooperation with the Berlin chocolate manufacturer Pars. The philosophies of both brands fit together too well: Pars founder and master confectioner Christiane Kegelmann also works as a sculptor and not only constantly develops new flavour combinations in her chocolate creations, but also an aesthetic and formal conciseness that is unheard of in pralines. Especially on the likewise handmade, almost minimalistically strict porcelain objects from the Stefanie Herings manufactory, these unusual chocolate works of art have an extremely attractive effect.

Quite apart from these sweet discoveries, the *Festive Table TrunkShow by Hering Berlin offers plenty of inspiration for table design at home. Even if Christmas is still a few weeks away, it is worth having the festive season and the associated table delights in mind right now - because there is now enough time to have any desired individualisation carried out. Visit our Festive table collection here.

During the show from 10th to 17th November, there will also be an extra consulting service for festive table design - by telephone, video chat and via Whats App. Reach out to use and recieve the expert support to answer all your questions.