Prestigious Award:Stefanie Hering wins two major design awards for her PalmHouse X collection

Good news from Frankfurt and London: designer and Hering Berlin founder Stefanie Hering has just received two major design awards for her PalmHouse X collection. PalmHouse X was awarded the Dineus 2020 and also won the Tableware International Award of Excellence in the "Fine Dinnerware" category last weekend!

PalmHouse X by Stefanie Hering is a striking re-interpretation of a classic design in porcelain culture. Floral motifs are translated into a decoration that is both abstract and sensual using X-rays. "Flowers or petals are often used only for table decorations," says the designer. "I wanted to take this even further, with a decoration that makes it seem like you are eating directly off flowers."

The panel of judges from London described it as a "completely new, innovative interpretation of the wide range of traditional floral decorations. Great mix of luminosity and transparency of watercolours decorating unglazed bisque porcelain. The collection is really elegant and speaks of English eccentricity."

For Stefanie Hering, who had already received the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany, among others, for her work in previous years, these two awards are both an acknowledgment and an incentive to "continuously expand the limits of what is possible with porcelain as a material through experiments and new developments." To dive into and order the new collections, go to the Palmhouse X Porcelain Collection in the webshop.

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