"Great cuisine is not just a culinary delight, it is also always an aesthetic pleasure," says Stefanie Hering – and as such, it needs an appropriate setting. The handcrafted porcelain from Hering Berlin is perfect for this, as proven not only by top German restaurants such as Rüssels Landhaus or the Lakeside in Hamburg's The Fontenay. Robert Cortez, star of the US creative culinary scene, also serves his spectacular, edible works of art on a wide range of different Hering Berlin collections:

Cortez, who has cooked for Eddie Murphy, Antonio Banderas, and Lady Gaga, serves caramelized chanterelles with truffles and watercress leaves on Silent Iron with its hand-poured glaze flowing from gray to blue. He drapes stewed endive with caviar, flowers and cheese cream on Velvet, with its delicately rough, hand-cut edge. An oyster buried in crushed ice filled with caviar, fennel herb and chamomile finds its perfect backdrop on the brass-colored surface of Silent Brass. And the reds and oranges of the arctic char roe with tiny red beets and redcurrant sauce are perfectly contrasted by Illusion's gentle nude shade, broken by irregular white dots.

This highly sensitive harmonization of food and plates lets you already sense the significance of his creation's visual appearance on Hering Berlin porcelain for Roberto Cortez: "There are two things that influence each of us and connect all people: emotions and food", he says explaining his approach: He wants to combine both in his cuisine and, through the color composition of his food or by ingredients such as flowers or leaves, already awaken emotions in the moment the dish is served.

After years as a chef in celebrity circles, Cortez worked intensively with pastry, including working with Albert Adrià, the brother and partner of molecular star Ferràn Adrià. Under this influence, he launched his experimental dining concept CR8: In no fixed location, but as pop-up events in various American cities, Cortez serves a small circle of guests a highly creative dinner, often influenced by visual art or design trends - always on porcelain from Hering Berlin. "I am thrilled every time I work with these wonderful plates by Stefanie Hering," says Roberto Cortez.