Hering Berlin at the Maxburg Galerie - Brand collaboration with Fèlsina

Thanks to the ongoing collaboration between the Maxburg Galerie and Hering Berlin, the exclusive store right behind Lenbachplatz in Munich is increasingly becoming a sought-after address: for architects, designers, and project creators, as well as for connoisseurs and lovers of the finest dining culture.

It is not only the fragile, hand-crafted porcelain objects by designer Stefanie Hering that are currently available there, but also exquisite olive oils from the Tuscan family business Fèlsina. Its groves, planted between the 1960s and 1980s, lie between the heartland of Chianti and the Colli Senesi and are cultivated and harvested with the same care as the estate's own vineyards. The result: single-variety oils with a broad spectrum of different flavours, which are characterised not only by the variety of olives processed, but also by the different terroir of the groves. Such lustrous, golden green treasures are almost too good to pour over salad. With a little bread, they can be enjoyed even on their own.

A fine porcelain bowl with an extra-wide rim design provides the perfect setting for serving fine olive oil in this way; Stefanie Hering has included such bowls in several of her collections, ranging from the "Cielo", with its tiny openings, to the "Ocean", painted with elegant blue sea snails.

Like Fèlsina's oils, Stefanie Hering's bowls are the result of an extremely meticulous, knowledgeable creation process: the designer, herself a master porcelain maker, develops all the shapes literally with her own hands, exploring the limits of her raw material, in terms of both the malleability of the material and its colour design with glazes. All objects are then made by hand at German locations – the special authenticity of this manu factum is just as characteristic of the objects by Hering Berlin as the designer's unconditional striving for form.

You can experience the direct interaction with a food product that is no less elaborately produced throughout the summer at the Maxburg Galerie. The collaboration with Fèlsina is also part of a whole series of targeted events that began with the joint presentation of Hering Berlin porcelain and creations by the fabric artist Anke Drechsel in the spring and will be continued in the autumn with a series of artist presentations.