Porcelain Egg Cups by Hering Berlin

The porcelain egg cup from Hering Berlin will be a special piece of jewellery on your breakfast table. In variations ranging from elegant white to other elegant classics with a colourful pattern, this egg cup gives the beginning of the day a delighfull touch of finesse. Stefanie Hering's inspiring style is reflected in all facets of the design. How ever small, so grande in execution. Check them out in our webshop and complete your dinnerware set!

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Egg cups belong

on any breakfast and lunch table

The egg cup from Hering Berlin radiates a special luxury that gives your breakfast set the stylish scope it deserves. Handcrafted from glaze and fine biscuit porcelain, this egg cup completes on every breakfast table. The egg cup was designed as part of the Piqueur, Pulse and Velvet collections, but Stefanie Hering's innovative Porcelain Dinnerware design also fits perfectly with the designs of her many other collections. One of them will surely fit the collection of your choice!

Porcelain Egg Cups

White or Artfull

The fine, soft lines of the Pulse and Velvet collections give the design a sense of tranquillity and authenticity. But the classic features of the egg cup in the Piqueur collection and the sheen of the biscuit porcelain also create a characteristic image. Irrespective of your choice, these egg cups are an indispensable decoration on your breakfast table to complement your other Hering Berlin porcelain.

Delightfull design

Porcelain master Stefanie Hering is the unsurpassed master in the combination of classical elegance and sophisticated refinement. Her many years of experience and her detailed design give every single porcelain object its own charm. Design that even makes the egg cup a delightfull object. So delicate yet so durable, so creative and so well manufactured by the best German craftsmen. The egg cups with this pedigree do not only complete the breakfast and lunch table settings, but are also great gifts. To enjoy for a lifetime!

High quality egg cups

Stefanie Hering designs exclusively handcrafted porcelain. That is why she selects and trains outstanding craftsmen for all her Porcelain Dinnerware items including the egg cups. Manufactured in Germany, with the highest standards in production. The highest quality materials and production facilities. Ensuring you will get Porcelain masterpieces that will serve a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself the best, high quality porcelain dinnerware right here!

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