A nice surprise: Anniversary and birthday gifts from Hering Berlin

Birthdays and anniversaries are the perfect moments to surprise someone with a Hering Berlin set. The biscuit porcelain and crystal objects designed by Stefanie Hering are works of art that would fit any breakfast, lunch, or dinner table. In addition to the large selection of sixteen different collections, Hering Berlin has also created a range of special gifts in attractive gift packaging.


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Handmade and mouth-blown

The plates, cups and bowls of the gift collection are handcrafted from the finest Chinese biscuit porcelain. The delicate glass objects are made of high-quality, mouth-blown crystal. A special feature of anniversary and birthday gifts is the vases, which are suitable for beautiful bouquets. The porcelain vases are designed for the "Pulse" set collection, but thanks to the unique "Mix & Match" concept they also go well with items in the other Hering Berlin collections.

Perfection in style and craftsmanship

Porcelain designer Stefanie Hering is the undisputed master in the combination of classic elegance and versatile refinement. Her many years of experience and her love of detail breathe life into each and every biscuit porcelain design. Hering Berlin's sets come in pure white or with rich decoration, but they are always perfect in style and craftsmanship. Stefanie Hering always designs handmade porcelain. Therefore, the designer chose one of the leading artisans for this execution. Stefanie Hering also works with the best in this field for these anniversary and birthday gifts as they understand the core and style of her designs and transform them into excellent quality Chinese biscuit porcelain. For many years, Hering Berlin's designs have been part of design collections and exhibition venues all over the world.

Unforgettable anniversary and birthday gifts

The crystal items from Hering Berlin are among the best in the world and are therefore an unforgettable gift. All mouth-blown and hand-cut sets are manufactured by Glashütte Theresienthal in Bavaria. The enormous knowledge and experience of the craftsmen make Glashütte Theresienthal the international centre of crystal glass production. Glass blowers, engravers, painters and craftsmen have been working to attain perfection in this highly demanding field since 1836.

Anniversary and birthday gifts also in Mix & Match

Hering Berlin is the only supplier of high-quality porcelain tableware to have developed the "Mix & Match". Many of the collections designed by Stefanie Hering are not only offered as standalone tableware but can also be easily combined. The anniversary and birthday gifts therefore go well with items in the other collections. Discover how to create beautiful combinations according to your own taste and style in the online shop.

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