Unmistakably avant-garde: crystal wine glasses from Hering Berlin

The mouth-blown crystal wine glasses from Hering Berlin are an essence of finesse, beauty and feasibility. When production of traditional Weinrömer wines stopped, top designer Stefanie Hering came up with new ideas. Her domain collection was created in collaboration with the best glassblowers and sommeliers: Following the example of a Weinrömer, but with significant improvements in form and unmistakable crystal quality, she has set new standards. The unmistakable avant-garde style is one of the reasons why Hering Berlin's wine glasses are among the absolute highlights in crystal production today. In this collection, the stemmed glasses are not only designed for red and white wine, but also for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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Excellent taste experience

Weinrömer were created in the seventeenth century and initially consisted of forest glass, a combination of wood and sand with a yellowish or green colour. Characteristic of this wine glass model are the convex goblet and the thick, sometimes hollow stem. Without affecting the original model, Stefanie Hering developed a glass of the best crystal and a smoke-grey coloured stem with the characteristic ribs. The shape of the goblet is also slightly tapered at the top.

Like a rose

Sommelière Astrid Zieglmeier, Head of Culinary and Leisure at the IHK Munich: "She holds the scent molecules in the glass, similar to a rose, which you enclose with both hands before you smell it. You perceive the scent much more intensely than if you just drag the flower from the shrub to you. Accordingly, the glass that tapers upwards also enhances the taste experience - after all, that is the lion's share of what we taste is scent."

Beyond borders

Stefanie Hering's collections have been crossing borders more and more over the years, making a characteristic contribution to innovations in the world of crystal glasses. To this end, she always works together with Glashütte Theresienthal in the Lower Bavarian district of Regen.

Glashütte Theresienthal stands for highest quality

The enormous knowledge and experience of the craftsmen make Glashütte Theresienthal the international centre of crystal glass production. Since 1836 glassblowers, engravers, painters, and craftsmen have been working to attain perfection in this highly demanding field. For Stefanie Hering, there was no doubt that she would invest great effort in her first crystal glass collection.

Mix & Match

Hering Berlin is the only supplier of manufactory porcelain to have perfected the "Mix & Match". Many of the collections designed by Stefanie Hering are not only offered as standalone collection but can also be easily combined.

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