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Age-old techniques, modern shapes

STEFANIE HERING: "I am still fascinated by the philosophy of the large porcelain manufactories who still craft their services by hand using old shapes and methods. However, because eating habits and style requirements have changed significantly, I am always looking for new ways to combine this tradition with a modern design language. Our range includes puristic white crockery as well as elaborate decorations. And because many people today like to express their individuality at the dinner table, our decorations are specifically designed so that they not only function as a cohesive service, but can also be combined to suit the customer's preferences and mood, according to the mix & match principle."  

Master Craftswoman, Designer & Entrepreneur

Stefanie Hering, a trained ceramicist with a master craftsman's certificate, is also an entrepreneur and the creative mind behind Hering Berlin. Each of her designs is created not on the drawing board, but through numerous experiments in direct dialogue with the material porcelain.

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Priceless! Top level porcelain dinnerware

Through this process, unique porcelain objects are created in collaboration with experienced artisans. The pieces delight not only connoisseurs, but also top chefs all over the world, and offer the perfect setting for top cuisine and everyday dishes alike.

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(Photo: Restaurant Entenstuben, Nürnberg DE)

True Design, timelessly beautiful

Time after time, Stefanie Hering succeeds in combining age-old traditions with a contemporary, puristic design language and maximum functionality in her porcelain creations. This approach results in exquisite porcelain objects that unite usefulness and art and have won numerous design awards.

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Made by hand - the artisans' touch

Yet it is not only Hering's boundless ingenuity that makes this possible, but also the expertise of the artisans, honed over years of experience. The touch of the artisans' hand makes every Hering Berlin porcelain object unique.

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